The Client – Ice Maiden Cakes!

Ice Maiden Cakes Ltd  just love cakes that are colourful, quirky, random, retro, cheeky and charming. They can make a cake light up, make it sing, make it interactive and, above all, they make it tasty!

One Client – Three companies!

I initially started working with Ice Maiden Cakes back in 2013, where I redesigned her start up logo. Since then we’ve worked together not only on her latest Ice Maiden Cakes logo/branding but also for two of her other projects – The Pig’s Blanket and The Baking Business Blueprint, creating a brand identity and style guides

Years Working Together



Happy Client

My Favourite Design

Unique design

This project gave me a chance to work away from icons and gave me a chance to be more creative with a logo.

Working with the client

The design brief came quite open although I was supplied with a Pinterset board to give me some idea of what was required. But obviously the name of the company meant I had to be quite literal with my design.

Client sign off

Once the design had been signed off the client required the design as both landscape and portrait graphics to fit in with her marketing. The logo was used on shop signage, an external banner and menus

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